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- I was born in Cascia (District of Perugia, Umbria, Italy: May 1st,1944).

- I attended university studies at "La Sapienza" University of Rome and got a “laurea” degree in Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in 1968.

- I obtained in 1969 the "Paolo Rossi" award.

- In the following year I obtained a second award from the Italian National Council for Research (CNR).

- As a winner of a national competition, I became Assistant Professor of Education at the Faculty of Education, “La Sapienza” University of Rome (1970).

- In the academic year 1974/5 I taught General Education at the University of Sassari (Sardinia).

- From the academic year 1975/76 to the academic year 1980/81 I taught Methods of Educational Evaluation at "La Sapienza" University.

- After a national competition in 1980 I became full professor of Education at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ferrara, where I taught for two years.

- I was dean of such Faculty in the academic year 1981/82.

- Since the academic year 1982-83 I have been teaching as full professor Theory and History of Education at the Faculty of Education of "La Sapienza" University.

- From 1985 to 1990 I was chairman of the Department of Education of "La Sapienza" University.

- Since its launch in 1985 I have been director of The Center for the Measurement of School Achievement of Ferrara.

- In 1986 I founded the first postgraduate distance school of "La Sapienza" University and since that year I have been directing a number of postgraduate courses such as Methods of School Evaluation, Principles of School Education, Experimental School Education.

- I founded the Centre for Research in Distance Education at "La Sapienza" University (1990).

- I was the director of the Italian Journal about distance education Istruzione a distanza - IAD.

- Since the academic year 1992-93 I have been teaching as full professor Theory and Methods of Educational Research at the Faculty of Education of Roma Tre University.

- I am the Director of Cadmo, Italian Journal of Experimental Research in Education (listed in Social Sciences Citation Index, ISI).

- Since January, 1997 I was the president of CEDE (European Centre for Education), an institute of educational research related to the Ministry of Education. After the transformation of Cede into National Institute for the Evaluation of Educational System, I have been its president. I resigned Sept. 4th, 2001 for contrasts with the aims of educational politics of government ruling after the elections of May, 2001.

- From the academic I have been the director of master courses on “Valutazione formativa, sommativa e di sistema” and “Valutazione di sistema”. I have been also the coordinator of Ph. D. Course on “Innovazione e valutazione dei sistemi d’istruzione”, part of the International PhD School Culture, éducation, communication.

- I was the director of the Department of Educational Design (University Roma Tre)since its foundation (2007). The Departrment has a program of International cooperation. Agreement are been signed with many countrie, as Ucraine, Macedomia, Albania, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal etc.

- I was the grant holder (starting jan. 2009) of a Tempus Project (Development of Master Courses in Education). Participating countries are: Italy, Albany, Macedonia, Kossovo, Danmark, United Kingdom.

The main areas of my scientific work are: a) educational design; b) educational evaluation; c) experimental research in education; d) educational technology; e) distance education.

a) In the field of educational research I have been working about the rationale of models for the analysis of the implementation of educational designs, particularly in the direction of the individualization of the educational offer. I have been trying to develop an interpretation of education as a mediation between culture and individual features of the learning subject, with the purpose of optimising the quality of instruction.

b) In the field of educational evaluation I have been developing in Italy techniques related to formative evaluation. I am author of several standard achievement tests. The Centre for the Measurement of School Achievement which I founded in Ferrara is the only one in Italy continuously operating in collecting and analysing data about students achievement and schools educational activity.

c) My approach to the different educational problems has always been based on the experimental method of research. I have been involved both in theoretical and on the field activity. As professor I have trained many young scholars to begin their scientific curricula in experimental research.

d) My studies in the field of educational technology have been devoted to a large array of theoretical and practical problems. I claim that educational technology should be considered as a system in which the focus is represented by the structure. Once defined the structure it will be possible to embed in it different media, according to their availability and optimisation, with the purpose of increasing the quality of the educational proposal.  

e) I launched several activities in the field of distance education. I projected the educational and technical organization of the postgraduate courses of "La Sapienza" University (1986) and Roma Tre University (after 1992). Such courses can be considered the more original and convincing experiences in the field of distance education in Italy, a country in which this educational strategy has not a long tradition yet.

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